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Computer Repair/Custom Builds

We repair all devices with-in 3 working days. We also offer 24 hour emergency service.We offer Monthly servicing plans for home users and business, we do pickups and on-site.

Data Recovery & Backup Plan

Security of data is very important and proper data management helps in ensuring that vital data is never lost and is protected inside the organization. Data security is an essential part of data management.  

Web Design

Is your website positively impacting your company’s bottom line? Great web design is a vital component to your overall business strategy, designed to attract. 

How can we help you

Anderson Computer Services can save you time and money by getting your Residence or office computers back in optimal working condition in the best possible time. If your computer is unusually slow, getting bombarded with pop-ups, or experiencing connection and email problems, call us now. After over 10 years in the computer repair and service business, there’s nothing we haven’t seen.


Cyber Security


Network Design


Laptop Repair / Desktop Repair


Data Recovery and Backup Plan

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We are a 100% business focused managed IT services provider. Our strength is in our unparalleled commitment to care for your business and your changing business needs. In a nutshell it is at the heart of our business to provide the technology, help and support you need to run a highly successful business without worrying about IT. 

Honest and dependable

All of your IT and Social Media solutions housed under one roof! We create beautiful websites for clients, we handle social media pages and handle all of your IT needs. No fluff, no hassle, just Honest and Dependable IT Solutions.

We are always improving

Innovation is the engine that drives a company. Without innovation a company continues to do things the same ways as they’ve always done while technology passes them by.  Remember Blackberry phones? They were the leading edge of cell phone communications years ago but didn’t evolve when the technology in phones passed them. They didn’t embrace the changes.

We’re seeing innovation today in Techonogly like never before. Part of my job at ACS is to keep innovating processes, and methods that as IT Professionals we can adopt and offer improved services to our customers.

Our clients


“Outstanding and speedy service with great consideration, the young man has an expansive knowledge base and is quite happy to share that knowledge.  I truly appreciate the time he has taken to educate me on the options available to me. 


CEO, Barry's Welding

“Andy was extremely helpful and provided a detailed explanation of the issues my computer was having. He was able to provide service the same day I called and had my computer up and working again within an hour of it malfunctioning.”

Joseph Metura

CEO, Unity Car Rental

Areas of specialization

Business Intelligence • Design and implementation of IT Infrastructure
Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity • Cost Reduction.

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